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Feed Systems

The MIRAD microwave feed systems are the preferred solution for your satcom application be it for large ground stations or VSAT applications. MIRAD’s feed systems are available for all military and commercial frequency ranges and owing to our development and manufacturing experience gathered during more than two decades, we are able to guarantee an outstanding performance of our satellite communication systems. After the completion of our Swiss precision manufacturing process, each feed system is tested thoroughly by our engineers to ensure our high quality standards related to reliability, performance and functionality. Linear and circular polarized feeds are available and the feed systems can be equipped with monopulse tracking capability as well as an integrated compact polarization adjustment mechanism. If necessary the feed is either adapted and tuned to your specific horn or we will design and manufacture this key component according to your requirements.

For TT&C or IOT applications MIRAD is well known to provide the complete feed system engineering including the integration of all necessary LNA’s, switches and couplers with lowest possible mechanical volume and highest electrical performance. Antenna performance calculations complete our service.

Our experts are happy to discuss your individual requirements.

key features:
multiband applications
excellent return loss
low insertion loss
high isolation
low group delay variation
different polarization modes possible
monopulse tracking
polarization adjustment