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Switching and Combining Systems

Our sophisticated and very reliable waveguide-switching systems currently are in operation at our client’s locations all over the world: They represent one of our multiple key competences and due to our experience gathered over more than 20 years, we are able to offer to our clients cost efficient, tailor-made solutions that meet the highest quality requirements.

Due to the underlying modular concept of MIRAD’s waveguide-switching systems, any thinkable configurations can be assembled by our experienced staff in a short period of time, resulting in a system that exactly meets your requirements and specifications.

Whether it shall be a small 2:1 back-up solution in a 19” plug-in module or a complex waveguide-switching system containing necessary filters, loads, couplers and hybrids; there are practically no limits for the combination of required components to obtain a powerful, reliable entity.

All these high frequency components of a MIRAD waveguide-switching system are tested individually, followed by an accurate measurement of the entire system and documented to ensure the specified overall performance.

It is up to you, to define the location of the in- and outputs, how the layout of the system shall be specified. According to your requirements we design and manufacture your waveguide-switching system, whereby ensuring the best possible electrical performance, i.e. the smallest possible insertion loss by always minimizing the length of the waveguide elements wherever possible.

We are keen to exceed your performance requirements with our waveguide-switching systems by offering the most efficient solution in respect to high grade characteristics, price efficiency and reliability.

Our competent staff is looking forward to supporting you professionally in achieving your project goals.

key features:
excellent return loss
low insertion loss
compact design
in- and outputs according to client specification
layout according to client requirements
installation on-site by MIRAD